79.00 Holiday Special  - Kelly's Carpet Restoration
Kelly's Carpet Restoration  801.712.7607 
Three rooms and hall
        only $59.00
Or $29.00 Per Room

We use the RotoVac 360i
*Cleans from all directions with hundreds of
      cleaning passes
* High torque motor does not get tired so the
      quality is consistent throughout the entire
*Restores matted traffic areas and removes
      tough stains and shadowing that the manual
      wand leaves behind
Most Cleaners Use A Manual Extraction Wand
*Cleans from only two directions (back and forth)
      with a couple of cleaning passes
*Relies on the strength and energy of the
*Leaves many tough staines and shadowing in
     the carpet.
Rotovac 360i
750 multi-directional
cleaning passess
per minute

Leaves carpet
cleaner & drier
than the wand

Restores heavily
soiled carpets

Cleans and fluffs traffic
lanes leaving the carpet like new
Industrial Steam & Powerful Vacuum  for Quick Drying
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Three rooms and hall only $59.00